Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal (born October 21, 1977) is an American game designer and author who advocates the use of mobile and digital technology to channel positive attitudes and collaboration, in a real world context.

McGonigal writes and speaks about alternate reality games and massively multiplayer online gaming, especially about the way that collective intelligence can be generated and used as a means for improving the quality of human life or working towards the solution of social ills. She has stated that gaming should be moving "towards Nobel Prizes." McGonigal has been called "the current public face of gamification"

One of the innovators investigating how to turn the resources stimulated by game-playing toward improving the real world is  Jane McGonigal (see below, the TED lecture)

Reality is Broken

some notes from the video lectures ..
(plse do expand on these..)

Gaming can make a Better World

Games produce...

1 - sense of whole hearted engagement (opposite of depression), energized, fully engaged, in something we're good at & enjoy, optimism, 80% time failing, 
2 - strengthening social bonds, agree same rules, share attention & time, social commitment, taking care of each other, 40% time on facebook spent playing games, 
3 - produce sense we can create something bigger than ourselves 

4 things you need to FLOURISH (that games gives us most of) PERMA 
P - positive 
E - emotion 
R - relationships 
M - meaning 
A - accomplishment, create something truly matter to society 

World Without Oil game

Jane McGonigal gives a recap of some of the ideas generated from the World Without Oil game. This talk was part of the Disruptive Effects conference in March 2010.

Use your signature strengths - unique to you...
Most productive 5mins you could possibly spend in a room of more than 100 people : ... massive multiplayer thumb wrestling tournment .  ... if you touch someone for more than 6 seconds - produce oxytocin 

in the west today ... there is    
a hunger for more & meaningful engagement with our world
*** starving for PERMA & games are feeding us! **** 

Herodotus story ... entire civilization more resilient 
stronger connections 
games spring-boards ... create any kind of community that we think can change the world 
1 - lots of characters welcome you & trust you with a world-saving mission 

2 - at your own level 

3 - lots of people ready to work with you, tons of collaborators 

4 - epic story, constant feedback 

5 - all the time on verge of an epic win! 

10,000hours online game by age 21 same as time in school!! 10,000hours of study - virtuosos 

1 ... urgent optimism 
2 ... weaving a tight social fabric, takes a lot of trust to play a game together! 
3 ... blissful productivity, happier working hard than relaxed, optimized to work hard!! 
4 ... epic meaning, love being attached to 

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Jane McGonigal