3. VideoConferencing

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There are various forms to meet and see each other online.

Here are two of the most popular ones.


Skype is a free tool for online instant communication with friends, family, team members, employees, etc. around the world.  Very easy to use, both for one on one video or just audio calls but very useful also for typed chat in a group of up to 200 people.  Remember to keep your skype program switched ON when you're online.

Skype Tutorials

You need to download the application from http://www.skype.com
then just follow instructions.

Google Hangout

Google Hangout allows you to chat live with a group of people (max 10)
- using audio or audio with video, or just typing, as you prefer
and also sharing your screen, documents, videos...
and retransmit it all live into YouTube + record it into a YouTube video!

it is one of the features of Google+ networking service (see Wikipedia entry for this)

(and creating a Google+ account if you don't have one yet)

here are a few: