WiziQ Tutorials

WiziQ is a conferencing service NodoEspiral uses to give live classes & to record classes which you can then watch whenever you like.  

Our 'canal' in WiziQ is


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The WiziQ Virtual Classroom

An overview of some features in the Virtual Classroom on WiZiQ

Another Introduction to WizIQ


It's just like listening to any class or lecture, only 

a) you can do so in the comfort of your own home

b) without travel expenses 

c) you can watch the classes whenever is a good time for you

d) stop & start the lectures whenever you like

e) re-view the parts you didn't quite understand or find most interesting

f) fast-forward the parts you aren't that interested in or know already

g) you can then interact with the teachers asking any questions on the material in the private spaces for students

h) & also discuss the subjects with other students as you wish

i) we also run live classes every month with whatever subjects the students request

l) students are also encouraged to offer classes or workshops to teachers & other students to explore subjects or designs they are particularly interested in