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Module 1 Part 1 - the very first class of this Integral Permaculture curriculum is about observing the natural way that humans learn & starting to make small changes (in how we take notes & ask questions for example) that help to undo the scholarization that blocks our action-learning capabilities that most of us carry.  And we ask some uncomfortable questions, like -  

Why are we (as humans) so slow in learning about Sustainability?

Here we will delve into the issues of thinking in a systemic way, Action Learning, how to study more effectively & we look at really understanding what Sustainability is.


Mind-Map Summary

of this chapter, by Delia Fernandez, Sept 2011
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Bring on the learning revolution!

In this poignant, funny follow-up to his fabled 2006 talk, Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for a radical shift from standardized schools to personalized learning -- creating conditions where kids' natural talents can flourish.

There's nothing 'wrong' with the School System

Most of us by now think there is surely something VERY wrong with the current education system.

Yet it is, in fact, a very good example of a brilliant design that is achieving precisely what it was set out to do: produce mildly literate & replaceable workers for the industrial revolution, that wouldn't have the skills or inclination to question the system.

If we don't quite understand its history or functions (designers always ask about functions) we are not likely to change it anytime soon, and we can see this in the difficulties experienced in all systems of 'alternative education' which really don't question the basic premise of the conventional system.

We hope here you can find lots of resources about why or how to re-design the education system, starting with the basics.  

You will find that it's a centuries-old conversation we need to get up to date with, & start RE-DESIGNING, together: 
not letting young humans follow their own interests & passions is SOUL, HEART & MIND-DESTROYING, 
and we desperately need people who are connected to their souls, hearts & minds, all at the same time.

The natural way of learning for humans is action-learning (called 'playing', 'art' or 'the scientific method' depending on what age & interest-area you're at) we explore whatever WE are passionate about & create.

 So we need to put all our efforts to figuring out how to totally re-design the system so that free humans can decide what they learn when they want to, at any age they choose

It's quite a challenge, even just seriously considering the concept, never mind putting it into practice.  Which is why Education is one of the most challenging designs (especially transition designs!) currently facing humanity.

(Stella, designer of the Integral Permaculture Design Action-Learning Curriculum, May 2012)

Video: Public "Education" has become ...

indoctrination and distraction

Video: Pinky on Illich

Pinky is a brilliant innovator in the field of education 

... here introducing us to Illich

Video: A great cartoon-lecture 

about Education

Vídeo de YouTube

Video: Isaac Asimov on Education

Ahead of his time on many fronts ... here predicting the PDC+++  :)

Video: The Dynamics of Creative Education

Ken Robinson in his talk "The dynamics of Creative Education" tells us that there are three key terms:  Imagination, Creativity & Innovation

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There's a dialogue related to this page in the Integral Permaculture FB group (click icon to go there)

If a factory is torn down

but the rationality which produced it 

is left standing, 

then that rationality will simply produce another factory.

If a revolution destroys a government, 

but the systematic patterns of thought 

that produced that government are left intact, 

then those patterns will repeat themselves ..   

There's so much talk about the system.  

And so little understanding.

(Robert Pirsig, Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance)

There is no learning without action

& no sober & deliberate action

without learning"

(Pedlar 1997)