4. Communities

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Module 1 Class 4

Which Communities work & what do they do differently from those that don't work?   

We look at what are EcoVillages, what other types of communities exist & we explore a little the design of communities, criteria & patterns for success

EcoVillage in Ithaca - Returning to the Basics

The EcoVillage in  Ithaca, New York, is a project that demonstrates how much it can serve us, living in community.   It is an example of how to combine privacy & intimacy to which we can get used to with the support of our neighbours, something which can give us as a result a full & healthy life & especially, a less hostile future.

What is Community? 

There are many debates about this, here is some linguistic info:

the root word is from " the Indo-European base mei, meaning"change" or exchange. 

Apparently this joined with another root, kom, meaning "with" to produce an Indo-European word kommein: shared by all.