Margaret Wheatley

below you can see them one by one ...

1 People support what they create

Margaret Wheatley asks,"are we engaging all those who have a stake in this issue?"

2 People act responsibly when they care

"Are we working on an issue that people truly care about?
How do we know they care?"

3 Conversation is the way human beings have always thought

"how often do we use conversation rather than a more technical problem solving process?
Where do our conversations occur?"

4 To change the conversation, change who is in it

 "are we stuck in this conversation?
Do our conversations go 'round and 'round and lead nowhere?
What new people could we invite into the conversation?"

5 Expect leaders to come from anywhere

"when have you been surprised about who stepped forward as an informal leader?"

6 Focusing on what is working gives us energy and creativity

"When have we been most energised for our work?
Why did we have so much energy?
What is possible here, and who cares?"

7 The wisdom resides within us

"do we look inside our community expecting to find the answers there? Or do we look outside for best practice?"

8. Everything is a failure in the middle

"how do we react to times of failure when we see our progress suddenly disappear?"

9 Humans can handle anything as long as we're together

"Are we paying attention to our relationships?
Are we supporting each other?
How often do we gossip, judge or scapegoat?"

10 Generosity, forgiveness and love

"if someone would observe our community, would they see those qualities in us?"

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At the end of all our struggles & travails
We were together.

I forget the rest.

Walt Whitman