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Stop! Filming the Change is a documentary filmed by a team of women & collectively financed.  During one month we journey through different alternatives between Spain & France searching out ways of life which are more respectful of the environment & the people who live there.
The theory of de-growth in which we base ourselves warns us of the impossibility of keeping on producing as we have in a planet of finite resources.   These levels of consumption have led to the disappearance of forests, to contaminated rivers & seas, & toxic food systems ... all of which are fed by the financial speculative markets & a political class that doesn't care about the social or environmental dimensions.
How much longer can we wait in order to have a world-wide planetary change?  Is it possible to live happily whilst reducing drastically our needs?

Two EcoVillages in Brazil

Ecovillages and Permaculture: a reference 
model for sustainable consumption?

This is a documentary about ecovillages and permaculture seen from a sustainable consumption perspective. The intention is to show an example of lifestyles that take sustainability to the extreme, living and consuming in a way that causes minimum impact on the planet.

GEN - Global EcoVillage Network

There is a great resource of articles on EcoVillages on the GEN site, which you can download in pdf format:

The EcoVillage Challenge

LINK to article here

The challenge of developing a community living in balanced harmony - with itself as well as nature - is tough, but attainable, byRobert Gilman

Adding More Experiences

Here are other links to significant community-building projects, more like the Marinaleda example:

Stateless Democracy: The Kurdish Women Movement

The BAUEN Cooperative

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