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Damanhur, is an eco-society based on ethical and spiritual values, awarded by an agency of the United Nations as a model for a sustainable future.

Founded in 1975, the Federation has about 1,000 citizens and extends over 500 hectares of territory throughout Valchiusella and the Alto Canavese area, at the foothills of the Piedmont Alps.

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A Spirituality-based Community

Spirituality, today more than ever, implies a responsibility to participate in and produce concrete changes, both inside oneself and within the social, political and economic context of the world. 

Spirituality means having the courage to experiment with new formulas and to denounce the injustices of a system when it does not respect liberty and the right to a life that is equitable, sustainable, and respectful of diversity.

Today in Italy, continuous and terrifying news episodes demonstrate the profound lack of values and objectives in a country adrift. 

Damanhur shares the preoccupation of many for the attacks to the Constitution motivated by economic interests, and in part by the influence of the Vatican in public and private life, which weakens democracy and takes the possibility of action away from the citizens. 

Fortunately, many voices are rising in defense of one’s rights, from individuals and associations in all of civic society, from the most secular to those of a religious and spiritual nature.

Damanhur is involved in this struggle, first person. 

A Laboratory for the Future

Damanhur is a collective dream transformed into reality thanks to the creative power of positive thought.

It is a laboratory for the future, a seed that has been growing for over thirty years, constantly transforming and renewing itself so as to bring to life the reality its citizens together dreamed of and built.

From the founders, a mere dozen people, to the thousand living today in or near the communities, the history of the Federation is witness to a project that has come to life, has grown and today is reaching out with a planet-wide commitment, as a new people bringing innovation and values, interweaving sociality, spirituality and respect for the environment, the recovery of ancient traditions and advanced technological research, with its roots deep in the territory, service and voluntary work conjoined with attention for everything happening in the world.

It is a profound vision of the ideal with its feet well planted on the ground.

Thinking of the future in a positive manner and translating ideas into actions and concrete achievements are essential steps to build the new culture of peace, so needed in this age. This is the commitment of Damanhur for the future.


Economic System

The Damanhurian economic system blends free enterprise with solidarity and communal sharing, with the objective of creating the most advantages and wealth possible at an individual and collective level. This “richness” is expressed in houses and land, schools and services, art and gardens, forests and meeting spaces, health and wellness, as well as a sense of belonging and security, and attention for the individual, from an economic and human point of view. This quality of life rivitalizes the Damanhurian territories, and in addition to the citizens of the Federation, everyone can enjoy the services and activities that exist here.

The Credito

The complementary monetary system of Damanhur.

The Credit has the aim of developing a new form of economy based on ethical values of co-operation and solidarity. 

The Damanhurian complementary monetary system has a high ideal value and has been created to give back to money its original meaning: to be a means to facilitate change based upon an agreement between the parties. For this reason it is called Credit: to remind us that money is only a tool through which one gives, in fact, 'credit', that is to say, trust. Thanks to this monetary system, the Damanhurians want to give nobility to the concept of money, by not considering it an end in itself but only a functional tool for exchange between people who share ideal values.

The use of the Credit, in fact, allows all those who are part of this system to see themselves as part of the cultural, social, economic and ethical values linked to the sustainability of the planet, respect for human beings and every living creature, to the quality of work and the added value of products thought of and realised with care and love.



The philosophy of Damanhur is based upon positive thought as an element capable of directing the best of people’s energies, tracing the road between people, their dreams and their human and spiritual growth


Damanhurians maintain that every human being has a divine origin and that our task is to recover the memory and the awareness of this primeval state. Humanity is part of a complex eco-system which includes plants, animals, the earth and various spiritual forces; each part is a manifestation of an all-pervading force called ‘God’ in all philosophies. In this vision, research into oneself and into God coincides because a human being is a ‘bridge-form’ between the spiritual and the material planes. All human beings contain this wholeness and can make use of their own beings as an element of transformation to bring matter and spirit into harmony. 

In order for this to happen, 
it is fundamental that human beings raise the quality of their relationship with the world and with life itself through their actions. The path to understanding the deepest and most spiritual part of human nature is based upon harmonious, continuous inner transformation, overcoming the limits of individuality and egotism, measuring oneself through practical works and a respect for all living forms, whether physical or subtle.


A fundamental point that inspires daily life is the creative power of thought. A small spiritual people that shares dreams and ideals can achieve extraordinary things if it directs its own thought with purity and optimism. The story of Damanhur itself is a demonstration of this principle and every Damanhurian is committed to always thinking positively about the future, other people and themselves.

Another founding principle of Damanhurian philosophy is openness to change. With every new step on the path, new horizons can be discovered that were unimaginable a moment before. As a result, Damanhur is a society in continual transformation, based upon the exaltation of differences and with a political and philosophical system in continual growth and evolution.


The new name chosen by the citizens of Damanhur is an element characteristic of change: their animal name and their plant name. The new name – which is used alongside their legal name – symbolises the willingness to renew oneself through a playful attitude and underlines the desire for a profound contact with nature. Damanhur is a way of life based upon experimentation, on playing and on changing to overcome the limitations of habits and to learn to interact with reality in an ever more vast way. For this reason, research is very important in all fields, from the social environment to alternative energies, to art and science.


Damanhur is a university of the spirit where humour and passion challenge the boundaries of contemporary knowledge and the concept of the ‘impossible’ is under constant investigation. The citizens of the Federation study, explore and experiment with the aim of reaching an ever more profound understanding of the universe and the role of human beings. Humility, constancy, the ability to be amazed and the willingness to put oneself up for the game are the essential tools for achievement with every research project.

Damanhurian society is structured in such a way that spiritual research is profoundly linked to every day life. All the Damanhurian citizens can take part in research groups called ‘Ways’, which are like socio-spiritual corporations. The Way of Art and the Word, the Way of the Oracle, the Way of Health, the Way of the Monks and Nuns, the Way of the Knights, the Way of Art and Work, are each involved in specific sectors of research and their practical application.

At a time in history when many peoples and races are becoming extinct, rendering humanity poorer in culture and diversity, Damanhur is creating a human group with its own artistic, philosophical and cultural expression.

It is a new People founded on valuing the differences between individuals, differences made valuable and irreplaceable precisely due to aiming for a shared goal. The People of Damanhur is united not by bonds of blood but by profound spiritual choices.

The central values that unite all those belonging to the people are sharing, solidarity, positive thought and an active commitment to the re-awakening of humanity on this planet.


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Out of the creation of a Tradition, a Culture, a History and Common Ethics, a People is born.


1. Citizens are brothers and sisters who help one another through reciprocal trust, respect, clarity, acceptance, solidarity and continuous inner transformation. Everyone is committed to always giving others the opportunity to aim higher.


2. Each citizen makes a commitment to spread positive and harmonious thoughts and to direct every thought and action towards spiritual growth. Each person is socially and spiritually responsible for every action they take, in the awareness that every act is multiplied and reflected through the Synchronic Lines all over the world.


3. Through community life, Damanhur aims to develop individuals whose reciprocal relations are regulated by Knowledge and Consciousness. The fundamental rules of life are common sense, thinking well of others and the welcoming and exaltation of diversity.


4. Work has spiritual value and is understood as a gift of oneself to others. Through it everyone takes part in the material and spiritual progress of the people, carrying out assignments, as they become necessary. Each citizen offers a proportion of his or her work in activities of common interest. Every task is precious and carries the same dignity.


5. Those who take on roles of social responsibility carry out their tasks in a spirit of service, without looking for personal advantage or serving the private interests of others. Only Citizens residing in the Communities may be elected or nominated for positions of social responsibility.


6. Spirituality, research and ecology inspire all relationships with the environment, through the use of appropriate technologies, useful in improving the quality of life.


Every Citizen lives in communion with nature and the subtle forces which inhabit it. Everyone is committed to respect and preserve resources and avoid as far as possible forms of pollution and waste.


7. Each Citizen respects his or her own body, takes care of it and nourishes it harmoniously, refraining from any form of substance abuse. Citizens put into practice rules of life suitable for harmonious physical, mental and spiritual development; they ensure the orderliness and cleanliness of their environment.


8. Each individual is expected to be capable of self-control, of making mature choices and of manifesting purity in thought and action.


Damanhur promotes and supports research both in science and art; it fosters and encourages continual experimentation of both the physical and the non-physical, as long as it is expressed in a harmonious form. All Citizens constantly improve their education and widen and deepen their knowledge in the fields of research, art, work and leisure activities.