Space of Love

After reading the Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megre, many readers have completely rearranged their lives to reflect a more authentic, connected existence. 

In this "return to sanity", many are joining together to plan the creation of new community neighbourhoods where each family or individual owns their own piece of land and together take immense pride in creating beautiful family estates – natural paradise-like sanctuaries to be enjoyed by successive generations. (from the site)

About the Anastasia Books

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Space of Love Documentary

This documentary is about people who have made real steps towards their dream -creation of their own kins domains and life in close connection with land.

Some people are calling selves tree talker or co-creator, who is able to communicate with plants and trees, and learn from nature.

Producer/Director Valeri Jadov, Russian TV journalist and documentary maker from ST-Petersburg, Russia. Currently he lives in Toronto, Canada and working for his own film production company Cedar Land Films Corp.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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This phenomenon has generated some 200 projects modelling themselves on the instructions presented in these books, of how to create a new 'paradise on Earth'.  

This is the kind of enthusiastic reviews it has attracted:

We consider these Russian books to be the most important and the most valuable books ever written on Earth. We encourage everyone to read these books as a matter of urgent priority.
Arthur & Fiona Cristian, Love For Life Campaign

"If you read one book in your life, read Anastasia."
-- Duncan Roads, Publisher Editor NEXUS magazine

As with all models presented in PermaCulture Science, do explore, study, discuss ... & make your own mind up.

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Although this is presented as a kind of evolutionary eco-village phenomenon, it is more of a 'green suburbian' vision (every family should have 1 hectare to farm) & contains most of the most damaging central ideologies of contemporary civilized humans, starting with:

1) human supremacism: animals & plants exist to serve humans (Anastasia's super-powers include getting forest animals to bring her food), and our job is to rule over all creation, as the species that is closest to God.

2) sexism: women's role is to have as many children as possible & take care of the home for their families, while the men are the thinkers & innovators. Furthermore they claim having many children is important for health, that it makes parents younger, so women can keep having children well into their 60s.

Of course this is also an expansionist ideology commonly found in fundamentalist religions, serving the political end of spreading the ideology through sheer numbers.

3) racism: superiority of white blond people being 'the original human race' closest to God, with anti-semitic overtones: the problems with the world are caused by the Jews who are now the bankers controlling everything.

Quick summary by Jose Zamora - who read all of the 6 books in 2011 & was quite entranced by the very seductive magic of the story before realizing how dangerous the messages that came with it are.

Another Wandervögel?

Although any kind of call to a life more in tune with Nature will include some important truths, this phenomenon is stricking (from an integral or radical perspective) because of the contrast of the seductiveness of it's apparent alternative message & magical fairy-tale style wrapping the deeply conservative, imperialist ideals.

In this sense it is reminiscent of the Wandervögel or 'wandering free spirits' movement, the cultural soup that primed the rise of the Hitler youth in the 1930s, as described elsewhere in this e-book.

An 'ecological' orientation 
outside of a 
critical social framework, 
is dangerously unstable. 

The record of fascist ecology 
shows that 
under the right conditions 
such an orientation 
can quickly lead to 

Quotes from a Financial Times article, TheFairy Tale that Gripped Russia - which gives some interesting historical & cultural perspectives that help to explain the strength of the movement created by these books.

The first of these books appeared in 1996, when I was spending a lot of time in provincial Russia. Inflation and the break-up of the Soviet empire had torn the economy apart. Forty per cent of the population had been plunged into poverty.  The culture that had sustained the Soviet ideal was collapsing.  Everyone was broke. Life was chaotic, dirty and fraught with fear.  No longer citizens of a superpower, people had lost their identity and did not know who they were – and so the appeal of a fairy tale with a happy ending was quite understandable.


I had arrived at a quite different conclusion. The ideas, souped up though they were into this Hollywood soap-opera version, rang a bell. They belong to a movement influential in Russia today called cosmism which believes that mankind can transcend the limits of mortality by harnessing cosmic energies. It has been little noticed in the west because we find it almost impossible to take such ideas seriously. In order to understand why it is different for many Russians you have to bear in mind that Russian culture has, since at least the time of Peter the Great, been split between those who embraced the west and the Enlightenment and those who did not.

What can be so bad about this?  It sounds lovely, all that living in harmony with nature.  This is where the deception begins to upset me, because it ensnares people who have good values! Values that I personally share!  The best lies are very close to the truth.... let’s take a closer look.

Nobody seems to question whether entrepreneurs make the best philosophers, either.  The readership are spellbound and starry-eyed, reluctant to ponder the possibility that he might just be in it for the money. The very phrase “Ringing Cedars” has launched a thousand products from the books themselves to people selling Siberian Cedar Oil. 

The “Ringing Cedars” phenomenon is becoming a cult-like movement with earnest devotees attending “Space of Love” festivals.  People travel from all round the world to visit sites mentioned in the novels.  However, the devotees are a curiously joyless bunch.  To quote from Wikipedia’s page on Megré, the books and associated communities espouse “conservative family values, quite unlike the conventional hippiealternative lifestyle”.

Schetenin’s school features heavily in the Ringing Cedars series and unlike Anastasia, it is 100% non-fictional, existing in the Gelendzhik region of Russia.  It is a revolutionary school where the students teach themselves. 
the waiting list for the school is very long and Mr Schetenin cherry-picks from a large number of prospective students.  If you can choose the right students, then naturally you are going to get good results!  This is yet another instance of something which appears to be gentle and New Age on the surface, but which is as hard as nails underneath.  The Illuminati specialise in presenting things in one light, when the reality is the exact opposite. 

... Such is the obsessiveness of the readership.  People who are “into” Anastasia can best be described as single-minded. Criticism of anything Anastasia-related is generally taken very badly.   It is almost like they have been hypnotised.