How we communicate with each other is fundamental in terms of the meanings we understand, the information we share and the results we get, ... and there is a whole science around this, communications studies.

How to Talk to your Professor

Ellen Bremen gives her lecture The Chatty Professor Tells All: Tips on College Success. Ellen Bremen is the Chatty Professor - a tenured professor of Communication Studies who helps students correctly--not cluelessly--speak/deal with those who teach them. The outcome? Better student-prof relationships, improved grades, and confident and competent communication skills for college and beyond. For more info, visit:

Slow Talk

Slow Talk, like slow food, is something worth considering as a healthier alternative to 'Junk Talk' : when we might start talking for talking's sake, when no real communication is happening, exchanging 'niceties' when the feeling or reality is anything but nice ...

There are many ways to slow down the conversation to a level, tone or speed where fear is lowered enough for people's minds to engage intelligently, or for minds & hearts to connect, enough to find each other's meanings.

The Indian Talking Stick

here presented by Stephen Covey

The 3 Energies of Conversation

(originally titled "The 3 Energies Behind Sales Success)
3E has its foundation in sales - strategy and positioning, network and relations and persuasive skills. However, these skills affect every other aspect of life, i.e. a strong marriage or healthy family life, effective negotiations and all forms of communication. Find out how energy permeates every type of success involving people.

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