Critiques of Science

Derrick Jensen Interview

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There are lots of myths about science (eg. that it's a way of being 'un-biased', or 'objective') and there are many critiques of science, not only because the history of western science is certainly a bloody one,

but also because most modern science is not all that scientific (in terms of following the scientific method, using Popper's Principle or Occam's Razor for exampe)

 as we know most 'scientific research' is funded by multinationals and so results are actively distorted by the imperative for profits (over Life)

The great mythologies that surround science are often unseen or unquestioned (and it is very important that they are exposed and questioned) but ...

is science inherently flawed, as a methodology?  

Or is the methodology necessarily distorted by the culture we live in?  

What role did the 'scientific revolution' take in creating that culture in the first place?    

Don't native peoples have or do science?