According to the RC Theory, laughter is the outer manifestation of the discharge of embarrassment or fear.    

We are shamed from very young into conforming with society's norms of what we are supposed to be like according to our age, sex, class, etc. (we become quickly embarrassed to show who we really are, hence all the pretense we engage in and call 'being civilized') and we are also surrounded by quite terrifying environments, news, politics, societies ... that are however 'normal' for us.  

Additionally, the admission and especially discharge of fear (which is also noticed with trembling as the outer manifestation) is particularly shamed in western cultures.

Laughter Activism


Comedy - The Road Less Travelled

Comedy The Road Less Travelled is a documentary by American comedian, Michael Junior about his mission to take comedy to those who need it most. I am very proud to be associate with the company that produced this. Full details

Video: Free Hugs Campaign

It has been calculated we need 12 hugs per day for normal growth (8 just for maintenance)

Video: Swami Beyondananda

Swami Beyondananda is one activist making a career of this vocation ...

Positivism as a Tool for Oppression

But note there is a big difference between "being positive" & laughing - might seem a fine line but one can be a tool of oppression & the other a tool for liberation ..

Laughing Buddhas

Enlightenment via discharge 

Healing Millions?

Bodhisattva in metro

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Orange & Green (memes) have it out with the Hugs Business

Laughter is also the most 'acceptable' form of discharge in our society.   So it can act as a catalyst for other forms to start.   For eg. it is quite common to "laugh & cry at the same time" ... and usually it's the laughter that brings on the crying.      Also, laughing can 'disguise' trembling, which is a deeper discharge of fear, and far less acceptable in our culture).

So, according to this theory, creating opportunities where people can laugh would be a most effective type of activism (for changing society by removing bits of irrationality: helping people's intelligence re-surface by encouraging deep & prolonged discharge, at any opportunity, in imaginative ways).

What if the most important radical change agents turn out to be comedy artists?

Wouldn't that be funny...