About Oppression

The most significant achievement of the Green Meme is its' deep caring for equality and justice: this is where we start to become concerned with human rights.

However, as systemic scientific thinking is not one of the Green Meme's strengths, this wish for equality too easily stays on a wishful thinking level & only some (significant, but overall not decisive) changes are gained, & mostly through fighting against oppressive structures head-on (at great expense: another of Green's weaknesses), instead of actually changing the system radically.

Here we start to compile some resources on this fundamental topic.

What is Privilege?

“Privilege is when you think something is not a problem 

because it’s not a problem to you personally.”

David Gaider

Gaider is a gay game-developer who has also written:

"... You can write it off as “political correctness” if you wish, but the truth is that privilege always lies with the majority*. 
They’re so used to being catered to that they see the lack of catering as an imbalance.  
They don’t see anything wrong with having things set up to suit them, what’s everyone’s fuss all about? 
That’s the way it should be, any everyone else should be used to not getting what they want."

the only problem with that quote being that 'the majority' he mentions in fact often isn't a majority in terms of numbers, just a 'moral majority' type of invisible structure (it sounds and feels like the 'majority' opinion or point of view simply because privilege gives people access to a louder voice.
Hence the brilliantly re-designed "the 2/3rds World" to replace the "3rd World" expression, amongst other things.

Foundations of the Patrix

The Mechanics of Oppression

This is an extract from RC Theory (chapter 17 - see direct links to all chapters here in the e-Book -  so it will make more sense if read after the previous chapters).   This part is explained with diagrams in the class 6. Science & Mind of the course: see slide-show)

One of the principal means used by class societies to maintain their oppression and exploitation of people has been to secure the cooperation of different groups of people in oppressing each other. 

This has been done by installing and maintaining attitudes of racism, prejudice, discrimination, sexism, and the oppression of young people between the different sections of the oppressed population. 

Oppression exists universally in present societies. Every person in our societies is locked into both oppressed and oppressor roles.

The basic mechanism for keeping any person in an oppressed condition is the installation upon the person of a distress pattern or recording by hurting him or her in an oppressive and invalidating way. 

This leads to one or both of two results when the distress pattern is restimulated. 

The first result is to be forced again into the role the person filled in the original hurt experience. 

In this case the person is pushed to "accept" or "agree" to be oppressed, to accept the invalidating feelings, to be defeated in the attempt to remain human. 

The slave "agrees" to be a slave, the serf picks up his hoe and bows his head, the wage-worker feels inferior and "lucky to have a job." 

3. Social Model (RC)

The second result occurs when, in an attempt to escape the role described in the first result above, the victim of the restimulation seeks relief by "occupying" a different role in the restimulated distress recording, the role of the oppressor. 

In this case the male victim may turn the abuse and invalidation originally turned on him on a woman (the basis of sexism), or a white victim may turn it upon a black person or another non-white person (the basis of racism), etc., etc.

Oppression only operates, and can only operate, through distress patterns. 

No person would ever agree to or submit to being oppressed unless a pattern of oppression had first been installed, in the first place by being oppressed as a young person. 

The oppressor, the person who functions as an oppressor, has always first been oppressed and then manipulated into the other end of the oppression pattern. 

The person who functions as an oppressor does so always and only because he or she has first been oppressed, and the pattern of oppression thus installed and has then been manipulated into the other end of the pattern in order to function as an oppressor. 

If we can help the person acting out an oppressor role in a pattern to discharge that pattern or manipulate the person out of it, that person will gladly cease functioning as an oppressor and will become an ally.

An oppressive society actively reinforces both of the results described above with false "theories," propaganda, discriminatory treatment of all kinds, religious pronouncements, secret societies, etc., etc. 

Control of communication, mis-education, lies, false propaganda, habits, culture, and religion are reinforced by force in the form of laws, courts, police, prisons, armies, etc. 

In this way each group's attempts to resist oppression are discouraged and their confidence sapped, and each group is mobilized to cooperate in the invalidation and defeat of every other group.

Most damage done by oppression is done by its internalized form, in which the victims continue to oppress themselves, oppress each other within the group of the oppressed, and, as a group, attempt to oppress other groups and the members of these other groups who are oppressed in a similar way to the way their group is oppressed. 

The person outside a particular oppression can be powerfully effective against the internalized form of the oppression.

Speaking Up ...

And contradicting patterns of sexism, racism, adultism, classism...
is something we can all practice doing, in order to educate everyone around us about what is and is not acceptable people-care

Vídeo de YouTube

There's a whole series of "What would you do?" which confronts us with reflecting on our integrity.  An interesting example of working at accellerating natural (moral) succession through story.

Integrity is something very basic we need to develop & strengthen 
in order to become good integral permaculture designers.

... & even more Fun Ways of Speaking Up

Consciousness-raising comes in many, many forms ... and there's some fun examples from the gay community here in the ReDesigning Myths page.

In the sub-pages of this chapter you can see some more specific mechanics of some types of oppression:

Also see the 
page in this e-book
search for "oppression" in RC articles (the best source we know of for clear thinking on the subject)

A very simple definition of Oppression is a repeated (therefore common & self-reinforcing) mis-treatment (violation of Basic Human Rights) of some person or group of people by focusing on some  characteristic of that person or group as the 'reason' for the mis-treatment.  

It is not simply the 'treating badly' of someone (eg. often we can defend ourselves if someone is simply un-thoughtful or dis-respectful to us occasionally), but systemic & systematic group oppression (it's difficult to or impossible to defend ourselves because we're fighting with deeply-held & unconscious, common societal prejudices (bigotry): so there is 'proof' the mis-treatment is justified.

Therefore the way we can rid ourselves of oppression, ultimately, is to become more & more conscious of our personal dislikes & hates.  It is useful to take the perspective that it is never useful to hate or even dislike anyone, & much less to try to co-opt others to 'prove' our feelings.

Eg. a woman is commonly despised for 'not looking after her appearance', a disabled person is commonly not included in social activities or a very thoughtful man is often despised for being 'a sissy', some groups of people are commonly labelled as 'lazy', 'dangerous', etc.

Also see Human Rights page
Inclusion page in this e-book

If we don't have a working model for anything (eg. soil, or cultural soils for that matter) it's impossible to get a handle on things if we want to change them, and not having a clue about the mechanics of oppression leaves people (very understandably) impotent and despairing about the subject. 

The logical conclusion (if lacking a usable working model) is to deny there even is a problem... but actually it's a lot more exciting and interesting (not to mention empowering!) to look at this as a basic invisible social design to change, especially if you are an integral permaculture designer.

This is a major "type 1 error" to dismantle at root.

About Privilege

Recognizing privilege doesn't mean suffering guilt or shame for your lot in life. 

Nobody's saying that straight, white, middle-class, able-bodied males are all a bunch of assholes who don't work hard for what they have.

 Recognizing privilege simply means being aware that some people have to work much harder just to experience the things you take for granted (if they ever can experience them at all).