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Byron Katie has specialized in "white hat work", or in helping people get out of their 'patterned pseudo-reality' (conditioning) by a very immediate, often humorous version of the scientific method, especially adapted to making experiments with our own minds, and patterns.   Very powerful.

Although we don't hold with the absolutist idea of 'accepting all that is' (which can lead to thinking that "it is ok" that there's suffering & oppression in the world: ultimately that can be just denial & very disempowering, upholding Basic Human Rights is the core of 'People-Care'), there is a great deal that is very empowering in reasoning away a lot of our inner dramas and irrationalities, even if it only work as a temporary measure.   

"The Work" consists of honestly filling in this work-sheet, in detail (copy of same as excel online document here), any time we are in a conflict situation, or feel pain around some un-resolved situation in our lives.  Then observing what we think, and asking questions in a different way than we usually do.   It is about looking at familiar things in a new way, so we can notice how we oppress ourselves, and others.

The videos and links describe in more detail what to do with that information, once you have laid it out clearly on paper.   Some extraordinary things can happen, simply by questioning our own beliefs.

Byron Katie describes The Work

He should be more Understanding

I need her to Get over it

I need a Boyfriend

I'm not living my Full Potential

I hate my Body

Something is Wrong with Me

Unconditional love happens in a questioning mind

My Son refuses to see Me

My mom needs a Dog

My Mother is Selfish & Controlling

Fear of the Future

Thankyou for Dying on Time

I want the Cancer to Stop Growing

Open Heart Surgery

"The Work" is a very powerful "present-time technique" (there are many others), but does not in and of itself heal the original hurt, necessarily - although it can be very helpful toward that, since the ability to put our attention in present time ("the benign reality" as described in the RC model, which is very complementary to The Work) is actually essential to letting go of old hurts (and in fact you can see some being discharged in these very interesting videos).

& the ByronKatie 

Some funny ones:

"Victims are violent people"

In this interview with Oprah Byron Katie tells her story & how The Work developed

"Defense is the first act of war"

"There's your business, there's everybody else's business & there's God's business"

"Nobody would hurt another human being if they weren't confused"

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