9. & 10. Models DC

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Module 1 Class 9

How does the Destructo-Culture work?  

Why is it so difficult to change?   PARTS 1 & 2   

If we do not understand the mechanics of current systems & especially its self-regulating (or self-defence) systems, we can hardly expect to change it: in fact it is possible that we will simply keep reproducing the basic patterns with some new external appearance.  This is how things do not change: by giving the illusion of change whilst things stay, fundamentally, the same.  To ensure we don't do this, we have to spot the underlying models.  Hence the strong emphasis in all of this course on models: because pattern-spotting and model literacy are totally basic & vital skills for permaculture designers.

The above models explain, from 6 different points of view, how we come do design the Destructo-Culture

... & so what what we can do about it, in detail, to re-design a PermaCulture.