2. Psychological Model (Spiral Dynamics)

Introduction to Spiral Dynamics

Don Beck the Original Meme Tale 1

Don Beck uses music to illustrate the value systems across the spectrum. Because the spiral dynamics model is so intuitively understandable, often it is used as an shorthand in Integral model. I am sure many of you will enjoy the musical multimedia accompanying such theoretical approach

Don Beck the Original Meme Tale 2

Don Beck the Original Meme Tale 3

Ken Wilber on Integral Politics

See under Integral Model in this e-book, very interesting discourse which explains how this model can be used to understand history & the present situation.

How to Stage a 2nd-Tier Protest

The Global Brain

an amazing film by Peter Russell illustrating the evolution of consciousness 
- visit www.peterrussell.com for more

if video disappears, search here

Peter Russell's award-winning video, based on a live audio-visual presentation in 1983. He explores the idea that the Earth is an integrated, self-regulating living organism and asks what function humanity might have for this planetary being. It suggests that we stand on the threshold of a major leap in evolution, as significant as the emergence of life itself, and the essence of this leap is inner spiritual evolution. Moreover, Peter Russell maintains that it is only through such a shift in consciousness that we will be able to manage successfully the global crisis now facing us. 
Also - http://www.facebook.com/PeterRussellAuthor

Don Beck's participation in the #SpanishRevolution 

AGSol (Madrid) Octobre 2012

Don Beck explains in the General Assembly in Madrid the need to use new methodologies to generate social & political change in Spain, recommends going to the most advanced academic sources like Spiral Dynamics of which he is co-creator.

Interested in the #SpanishRevolution, Don participated in the Puerta del Sol through the mediation of the Spanish Integral Association which works for the outrach & study of the Integral Theory of Ken Wilber.

Conscience & Development participated in the last conferences of October 2012 explaining the Model of Universal Evolution & with the interpretation of Don Beck's exposition from english to spanish.

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Note that ...

 this is part of a wider perspective we present in classes 1.9 & 1.10 where we emphasize that none of these models BY THEMSELVES can possibly explain the complexity of how and why the destructo-culture got created or functions.

For example in 1.10 we give two models from the novel Ishmael, which clearly suggest that the destructo-culture is simply one branch of humanity that split off some 6-10 thousand years ago (civilization, imperialism, capitalism ... there are different words you might know this by: the current systems we want to change to perma-cultures) starting with agriculture taking root in the 'fertile crescent' (which is now desert).

Meanwhile, many and very varied human cultures have grown, evolved & developed from some 10 million years ago - some of which continue to the present day despite being under constant attack from Taker cultures) as 'native cultures' or sustainable cultures, which in Ishmael are called 'Leaver cultures'.

These are dismissed by 'Taker cultures' usually as 'primitive' or parts of 'pre-history' but in fact contain & express (we are increasingly finding out) much higher complexity than then beige or purple memes in this model could possibly encompass.   They are more akin to the turquoise & coral memes this model suggests we (Takers) are evolving towards (see article on Avatar as a vision of a Teal future for an interesting perspective on this).

So in essence this is simply a natural succession model of ONE BRANCH of humanity, but it can be very useful as such since it maps some critical points that are now holding us back, possibly, from evolving to 'catching up' with 'primitive' cultures.
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