Business Gurus

Quite a few of our Permaculture Design Principles are taken from other design disciplines, as principles are basically patterns that we've noticed, from experience, working over & over again. 

So we can learn a lot from some of the professionals at researching, gathering & educating about principles ... and some of these come under the heading of 'Business Gurus':

if multinationals are so great at designing their way to world-domination, and they pay these people very handsomely to teach them how to do it better... very probably there's somethings we could learn from them (notice where they are talking some variation oft he principles already known to you).

Principles are simply things that past generations have learned that tend to have similar outcomes, and most can be applied in very different circumstances, including when backed by opposing ethics & visions to ours as permaculture designers.   Do take what is useful and leave the rest!

Tom Peters

you can search for more Tom Peters videos but here we put 3 with Spanish sub-titles
(so that they're mini-max for us, and multi-functional for you :)

Stephen Covey

you've already met him in Module 1 - but you might have missed that he's regarded as one of the top business gurus of our time, also.