Context is Everything

Everything happens within a context, and although this is usually a background or container, an un-question thing, it can in fact totally change the story.   Certainly what we perceive as context can create different 'blind-spots' & determine even what information we see, or which parts of our observations we value or not.  So it can determine what we understand and how we feel about it: it's the framework of the whole reality perception we have.

A classic story that illustrates how changing context changes everything is the stone-cutter story.

The stonecutter story is about two men who were two busy cutting stone quarry. A traveler comes across them and notices they are both working very hard but the first nearest to him looks tired & downtrodden, whilst the second man some way off, looks energetic & inspired, and his work also looks much better. He wonders what they are doing. So, he goes up to the first man & asks 
"What are you doing?" and the tired-looking man says 
"Can not you see? I am cutting stone." 
Then the traveler goes up to the second man and asks the same question:
"What are you doing?"
And the second man answers: "I am building a cathedral."

Ebbinghaus illusion  is a good graphic equivalent.

The context of a situation is obviously also a type of framework.   Just a very large one.

When we refer to frameworks in permaculture design we are in fact consciously changing the context to a design context: you as a designer looking at the story in front of you within a design framework.  And you can choose to use a particular design framework.

Often we miss a great deal of information in observing something because we don't see or understand the wider context.   It is very common to miss very important information because it's simply 'background' for us. These include the visions of the people involved, the vision of the culture (the whole story of the culture), the context as local history; the dynamics at play between people or groups.

We can choose to see that background, if we remember that Context is Everything, & the stone-cutter story.