Deep Green Resistance

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The book Deep Green Resistance is a recomended text for the Integral Permaculture Curriculum.   We consider an excellent manual for designing the transition to a sustainable culture, which takes into account all four quadrants & also levels of development & acknowledging the mechanics of oppression, in proposing useful models & strategies.   

After meticulously researching the (often hidden) histories of many resistance movements, noting the patterns of which failed & which succeeded, the 3 authors drew up what is a realistic, hard-hitting & holistic proposal for truly stopping the destructo-culture at it's weakest points.

From the book grew a movement also called Deep Green Resistance (DGR) with the book as its manifesto.  It already has chapters in many countries world-wide.

"The task of an activist is not to navigate 
systems of oppressive power 
with as much personal integrity as possible; 
it is to dismantle those systems."

- Lierre Keith

one of the authors of the book 

Website of the Movement

The Goal

The goal of DGR is to deprive the rich of their ability 

to steal from the poor 

and the powerful 

of their ability to destroy the planet.

The Strategy

Resistance Rewritten

Historical Social Movements 

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One of the great contributions of DGR has been to thoroughly investigate past resistance movements, both ones that failed & ones that worked & to look for patterns that might help us design an effective movement now, to change society. The findings however are very emotionally charged for some people in the alternative movements, as we've been taught quite different things - so this is yet another opportunity for personal growth as we challenge our preconceptions in the interest of designing a lot better.

Liberal v. Radical 

What are the differences and which one are you?
Some essential political education ...
by activist Lierre Keith  (see their YouTube Channel here)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Patriarchy vs. Planet Earth

Lierre Keith at RadFem Reboot in Portland, OR

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The book Deep Green Resistance is a basic text book of the Integral Permaculture Curriculum.

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Future Generations

Those who come after, who inherit whatever’s left of the world once this culture has been stopped are going to judge us by the health of the landbase, by what we leave behind.

They’re not going to care how we lived our lives. They’re not going to care how hard we tried. They’re not going to care whether we were nice people.They’re not going to care whether we were nonviolent or violent.They’re not going to care whether we grieved the murder of the planet.They’re not going to care what sort of excuses we had to not act.

They’re not going to care how simply we lived.

They’re not going to care how pure we were in thought or action. They’re not going to care if we became the change we wished to see.

They’re not going to care whether we voted Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, or not at all. They’re not going to care if we wrote really big books about it. They’re not going to care whether we had “compassion” for the CEOs and politicians running this deathly economy.

They’re going to care whether they can breathe the air and drink the water.

Article in the Guardian

In march 2014 even the Guardian (a respected liberal UK newspaper) published an article supporting a radical approach to climate change:

Not even climate change will kill off capitalism
As long as the conditions for investment and profit remain, the system will adapt. Which is why we need a revolution.