Video: Some Current Reality Frameworks

which we forget in our designs at our peril

Video: The Convergence of Science and "Spirituality"

Integral Permaculture by some other name ...  in this video Radin is talking about the holistic framework, as are the following ones..

Laboratory scientist Dean Radin explains how science tends to give rise to a fractured system of disciplines, while spirituality connects an individual to the rest of the universe in a meaningful way. 
He suggests that systems science may be the best example we currently have of how science can begin to embrace something as vaguely defined as connectivity and still remain science.

Video: Toward 2012 -Scientific Taboos

Dean Radin, chief SCIENTIST at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, explores the tears in the fabric of our scientific paradigm. Are there any scientific taboos? Is it time we challenge them?

Video: Toward 2012 -Fusion of Spirit and Science

Our World-View models are the biggest design framework we're working within, whether we're conscious or not of what that is.

Here Neal Goldsmith introduces us to his, in terms of psychological concepts of the self. 
As we evolved we compartmentalized our lives, science and spirit have been separated for millenia, isn't it time we try to reconcile them and begin to fuse them together again?

Video: Toward 2012 -The Frontiers of Consciousness

Postmodern Times presents: The Frontiers of Consciousness- James O'Dea
In this episode we interview the president of Institute Of Noetic Sciences, James O' Dea who has devoted his life to studying the effects of trauma on a personal and a social scale. From his early years at Amnesty international he has repeatedly shown his devotion to alleviating pain and suffering amongst opposing groups. As head of IONS his ethos permeates the entire program, and highlights the overlap between the study of consciousness and the significance of compassion.