Design Motivations

It is important to have great integrity when starting to design something, in permaculture, as ultimately lack of integrity will make any project fail (and if the motivation is destructo-cultural, then it's not a perma-cultural design)

The vision > mission > objectives framework ensures internal integrity (with your own self), but this Motivation of Design table is designed to check for external integrity (with the wide world).   It starts with 'only go where invited': what real social problems are there to solve?

This table (from the Designers Manual, by Mollison) challenges us to compare the PC (PermaCulture) motivations with the usual DC (DestructoCulture) motivations: are we just green-washing or doing something really useful for society?

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Basically we are trying to be aware of the 'ego' motivations we have absorbed as 'normal' from our culture, and - by becoming more conscious - tend more towards the 'eco', as illustrated in tihs picture (reverse the above table and they're saying the same kind of thing) 

I look for 
what needs to be done. 

After all, 
that's how the universe 
designs itself. 

- R. Buckminster Fuller

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