5. Aquaculture


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How does Aquaculture work?

Normally we think of producing food or biomass with terraculture (growing in earth), but aquaculture (growing in water) can be many times more productive for the same surface area.   Therefore knowing how Aquaculture works is important if we want to create super-productive systems.

In this class we explore the basic principles & various good examples of very productive aquaculture (& multifunctional) in different parts of the world.

Also we explore how we can start very small in order to add mini-aquaculture-systems which are very easy to install & maintain, in our surroundings.

Overfishing - A Global Crisis

This is a video by Frankie Richardson, Sam Morris, and Greg Tolentino for Mr Adams Marine Biology, adressing the current global issue of Overfishing. Please watch this so that you can be informed of the negative effects of overfishing, along with things that can be done to help save the fish. 
Please click the following links for more info and solutions, & see videos below: http://www.greenpeace.org/australia/issues/overfishing/solutions

Sturgeon farmed for Caviar harvesting

 in Spain

Russian sturgeon the source for russian caviar like beluga and osetra is an endangered species. A gourmet chef takes you on a tour to Spain were sturgeon is farmed for harvesting caviar in a sustainable way.