Top 6 Reasons to Get a Pond 

by the Permaculture Artisans Network 

A pond isn't just a big puddle; a pond can make anyone's life easier - in your garden, your land, your park... anywhere!

by Erik Ohlsen

1. Pest Management
Control pests like mosquitos, slugs, snails and other bugs that are eating up you and your garden, using no pesticides.

2. Escape
A pond and waterfall can drown out noise, giving you a sense of peace and tranquility.

3. Aquaculture
A pond can be your own farm. You can grow and eat the plants and fish that work to clean and filter your pond.

4. Flood Irrigation
All the nutrients and minerals your plants and fish are leaving in the water can be washed off into your land, providing not only moisture needed, but fertilizing your plants, saving you organic or inorganic fertilizer costs.

5. Microclimate
Do you want to grow some oranges, but you live in a cold climate? A pond absorbs heat during the day from the sun, then releases at night, so frost is less likely to occur on plants right next to the warmer water source -- the pond. This allows you to grow citrus, flowers and other plants that require shorter frost times.

6. Biomass
If your pond is overgrown, that's a good thing! You'll need that as mulch. Mulching your garden with nutrient-rich will help you reach the carbon nitrogen ratio that will give you the best growth. It makes excellent compost as well.