Chicken Tractor Gardens

There is a page on chickens here in the Animals section.
This page focuses on the chicken tractor method of gardening: the chickens will compost the soil (and supply good mulch also, if you add lots of kitchen waste, straw, etc.) remove potential pests and weeds (also weed seeds and pest eggs), and leave the ground ready for planting.

Garden Girl: Chicken Chase

YouTube Video

Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl, moves her chicken tractor to a fallow bed and chases chickens in the process.
This is one of a series of videos where she shows step by step how to build this type of chicken tractor.  It is actually very low for chickens, who love roosting as high as possible, but perfect for quails &/or guineapigs .. who also are great tractor animals.

Patti Moreno has a great set of urban gardening videos in her YouTube channel

Good Design Practices, Tips & Tricks

YouTube Video The Lewis Family Farm

A video on good ideas to incorporate into the design of your chicken tractor. Good ways to water and feed your birds as well as overall tractor design.

The Egg Cart'n Chicken Tractor

YouTube Video

The Egg Cart'n is a 4' x 6' chicken tractor (or portable chicken coop) made out of aluminum and powder-coated steel for many years of use. Its unique lift system and user-friendly features make it a perfect fit for any backyard, garden, or small pasture.

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