No-Dig Gardening

Also called 'lasagna gardening' 

No Dig Abundance

YouTube Video

Turning an uncultivated plot of land into an abundant garden using the no-dig approach. all within a few months in 2013. For no dig tomatoes see and this is one of 40 two minute videos in my online course

See more by Charles Dowding in his YouTube channel

No Dig Garden Workshop

YouTube Video

This is the full video of the no dig garden construction workshop from 2009 that the previous quick video was made from. The video features Bob Jones and Myk Rushton

Longer Video

YouTube Video

The much requested video on how i do my" no dig raised beds", after being very happy with the first 4 i made with hardly any weeding required this season i decided to do 2 more, and this is how i do them.

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