How to Plant a Tree

There are various things to take into account when transplanting a tree, and it's quite important to do this correctly as it's one of the main factors that will affect whether the tree thrives or not.

How to Plant a Tree Video

Rob Beideman instructional video on how to plant a tree for Planting America Inc. For more information about our cause please visit

How to Choose, Position & Plant a Tree

How to Plant a Tree shows viewers how to plant their own tree in their backyard or garden. This video provides viewers with an introduction that can be applied to various flowering, spruce, maple & plum trees and tree shrubs. Lowe's expert Mike Kraft helps viewers decide where and how to plant their new trees to ensure they thrive. More videos like How to Plant a Tree can be found at

How to Plant a Fruit Tree - In this video, Felix from Gurney's demonstrates how to plant a fruit tree, such as an apple tree, peach tree or cherry tree, etc. Step by step, we show you everything from soil preparation to planting to watering. Everything you need to know to plant the perfect fruit tree in the perfect location. Gurney's offers only the best, easiest-to-grow fruit and nut trees available no matter how much growing room you have.

How to Plant a Potted Tree

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