Tree Nurseries

It has been calculated that if we all planted some 10,0000 trees each we could prevent climate catastrophe, regenerate lost soils, increase biodiversity and preserve vital ecosystems & cycles.   So Tree Nurseries are probably the most important technology on the planet, and they are VERY easy to start!  

All you need to know is that each tree species has their own ideal way for being propagated, and you need to check for each species.

Some trees will grow well from cuttings or air layering (marcotting), others grow true (same as the mother plant) from seed & others have to be grafted to give best results.

Here are some examples of each method.        Also check out the Plant Propagation section in the Biodiversity class of this e-book.


Tree propagation

There are various ways of propagating trees.  Mainly they consist of 2 categories: vegetative and generative propagation 

Vegetative Propagation


check out the Plant Propagation section in the Biodiversity class of this e-book


One way of propagation is grafting.
This technique is mainly used for propagating 
specific breeds of trees, mostly fruit trees, 
by combining a twig from the desired breed with a 
rooted sapling, mostly of the same or a closely related
There are various techniques of grafting,
here there is only one of many showed on a mango tree.
Grafting aftercare is also explained in the second video.


With some tree species it is possible to get more trees through planting 
cuttings.  In the video above this type of tree propagation is being demonstrated.

More on the various types of vegetative reproduction of trees and the tools that are mostly being used,  follow this Roots of Peace link

Generative Propagation

The general principles of growing trees from seeds can be found on:

Fig Trees from Cuttings

Just stick branches from a good fig tree into the ground or in your nursery
very easy

Growing Apple Rootstocks from Seed

How to sprout apple seeds to grow rootstocks for making your own apple trees

Chestnut Planting Tutorial

A demonstration with Dr. Hill Craddock at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga greenhouse about how to plant chestnuts and care for young saplings.

Lazy way to grow 1000s of Chestnuts, Hazels, etc.

Transplanting Pomegranate grown from Seed

These are my pomegranate plants that I started from seeds 6 months ago. They are doing great, especially for one of them that just grew faster than the other 3. It might have to do with me staking it so that it uses more of it's energy growing rather than using the energy to keep itself from falling down. That's just my theory ;). They do need to be transplanted because they have been having slow growth. They should thrive in their new container with new soil. :)

Here's a Video of these plants 6 months ago when they were just sprouts:

Growing Trees from Seed

A short video about planting black walnut trees from seed.

Another way to grow walnuts is to do this in a big pot (put many walnuts in) then transplant as soon as they're too crowded.