2. Resources

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How can we make optimum use of resources?

We could say that the key to the sustainability of any society (or indeed any design) is simply to make optimum use of resources - so this is a very important subject to clarify for ourselves as designers.     In this class we will explore how often, instead of using rational criteria for appropriateness when choosing resources (materials, fuels or technologies), like energy trade-off, we tend to use subjective & superficial criteria, like appearance, fashion & emotional attachments.      This class is about how we can learn to make wiser judgements & choices in these matters.

Please review the previous Resources Class, 2.5, where we focused on the Resource Hierarchy we use to decide which materials & technologies to use in our designs.

In this second class specifically in resources we go deeper into other facets of this key design subject.

There is another class focused on Resouces in Module 2, which is all about Design Techniques:
which is more basic & complementary to this one