Geothermal Heating

A brief introduction to geothermal heating, a cleaner and more sustainable source of energy.
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Geothermal Iceland

In Iceland, geothermal energy heats houses, powers industry and ensures gushing hot water fills bathtubs and thermal spas year round. 

Geophysicist Anna Wairimu Mwangi has traveled from Kenya, to learn how and why Iceland has become a world leader in geothermal energy use. 
Anna is perfecting her exploration skills by studying with seasoned Icelandic experts in the United Nations University (UNU) Geothermal Training Programme. She hopes to take her newfound knowledge back home and apply it to her work at Kenyan power company, KenGen. 

Will Anna discover if geothermal energy holds the key to Kenya's rapidly growing power needs?

Iceland Geology

GeoExchange Heating and Cooling System

Geothermal Energy: Harnessing the Heat Beneath Your Feet

A long lecture about this

Right below your feet is a source of renewable energy that is largely untapped. It heats groundwater by conduction and convection as it travels toward the surface of the earth. Lawrence Livermore National Lab scientists Carol Bruton and John Ziagos explain how geothermal energy can be used to generate electricity or heat buildings.

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