Systematic Innovation

A content loaded video on Systematic Innovation that includes several Innovation best practices used by industry leaders for structured innovation.

How an Innovator Thinks

& the kinds of inventions that come out of it ..

The Steve Jobs '95 Interview, unabridged

One of the great innovators of our times here talks about the interesting aspect of design in our society that Daniel Quinn also comments on in his Design lecture: "we have a great system for designing products, but our way of designing social structures sucks".    

Anyone who seriously wonders why & how this happens is what we call in Integral Permaculture Designer :)    Which does not mean we agree with everything any of them actually say, but that these are all crucial parts of the dialogue we should be having more of in our culture.

There are some great quotes about artistry in this interview, about how the highest forms of art and engineering or science seem to meet in one basic thing: as people who express something of what they perceive to be the truth of what's around them, in a way that others can see it.  Having an insight that enables things to be put together things in a way that nobody else has.