Solar Dehydrators

About Solar Dehydrators

When Canning is Just too Much: Dehydrate!

With information about different ways of dehydrating food, dehydrator plans and uses for dried food. By Grow Appalachia.

Build a Solar Food Dehydrator

With information about solar dehydrators, design criteria and cooking with dried food. By Mother Earth News

How to Build a Solar Food Dehydrator

Solar Food Dehydrators for the Fall Harvest

By Paul Wheaton, in Make it Missoula

Three Solar Food Dehydrators - solar energy at work!

solar food dehydrator / dryer w bio-track! how to tutorial

homemade solar food dehydrator "turbo-powered"

Building Instructions

Solar Chimney Dehydrator

By the Little Colorado River Plateau Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc.

Build a Solar Food Dehydrator

By Mother Earth News

How to Build a Solar Food Dryer

With detailed information about the basic science aspects to consider in the design. By Brainz.

How to Make a Solar Food Dehydrater From Beer Cans

Transition in Action 5: Building a Solar Dryer

Solar Dehydrator Step by Step Video Tutorial

Here is an introduction to our Solar Dehydrator project. The plans to build can be found at the google docs link below. The URL listed in the video is dead.

See also

Solar Air Heating
(information about solar hot air collectors and solar chimneys, which can be parts of solar dehydrators, and some sun-collecting and air flows science).