f) Compost Toilets

The humanure handbook

is available free online & perhaps the most complete resource on this subject ... (click on book cover to open)

Introduction To Compost Toilets

with diagrams ... click belw

GrayWater Action

This web has a lot of information about composting toilets, design criteria, differences between dry toilets and compost toilets, historical roots, and how to use urine and composting humanure.

Making a Humanure Compost Pile 

From HumanureHandbook.com: This short video clip shows a humanure compost pile on its first day. 
The empty bin bottom is dished out, the "biological sponge" is added, and toilet materials are deposited.

The ThunderBox

Vídeo de YouTube

International Design Excellence Awards: 

Easy Latrine


Jeff Chapin

Click on picture to see news article, 
use search for pdf version with design details

Composting Toilet Plans

click on image for plans

Clivus Minimus Construction

attached (similar to this but with lots of useful construction details)

The Chamber Pot


chamber pot is a bowl-shaped container with a handle, and often a lid, kept in the bedroom under a bed or in the cabinet of a nightstand and generally used as a toilet at night ... and there's nothing preventing us using it in the daylight hours, of course.

For lovers of the Mini-Max permaculture principle, of course we always have the humble chamber pot (advantages) 

1) no construction required, 

unless you want to make a 'throne' for yours like this ancient piece >>

2) totally portable, 
3) then you can bury the contents near your favourite trees to compost them direct
4) regular excercise routine included
5) just like Nature intended

See also

Grey & Black Water
(information about nightsoil & pathogens)

Vectors & Forces
(useful information for designing & building sturdy compost toilets)

(how to use human waste to make biogas, while rendering it safe in the process)

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