b) Solar Cooking

When we're familiar with a few basics of the fascinating science of optics ... we can get much more creative with using the sun's rays to heat up things ... like using the "Archimedes Death Ray" (or 'Heat Ray') for cooking.

Solar Cooker from a Satellite Dish

Fresnel lens solar cooker using TV lens

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Fresnel lens - what is it

Cone/funnel solar cooker

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From  http://rimstar.org "An addiction to science, renewable energy & building stuff"

Saracon Solar Cooker

Vídeo de YouTube


This is a short presentation of the recently build Solar Steam Cooker running at Saracon kitchen in Auroville, India.

The Video contains two interview, with Chandresh, the fund raiser of this project, and Jo, the cook in charge at Saracon.
You will first see a collection of pictures we made during the building process: planning and drawing, building, testing and fine tuning.

Heliostats are used to automate the keeping of mirrors facing the sun for optimum efficiency