a) Heating

<<< Here is some basic physics you need to understand about heat & temperature, which is useful if you want to design things like ovens, heaters, fridges, clothes and houses, etc.

Below in the sub-pages are the kinds of technologies which make use of this science.

Eureka! Episode 20 - Measuring Temperature

Eureka! shows viewers how Swedish scientist Anders Celsius invented the Celsius thermometer, using the expansion of mercury as a measure of temperature.

Eureka! Episode 21 - Temperature vs. Heat

Eureka! explains that heat refers to quantity of hotness, and is determined by the mass and speed of molecules. This program demonstrates that a bucket of water at a temperature of 50?C contains more heat than a cup of water at 100?C

Eureka! Episode 27 - Convection

This program explains how the principle of buoyancy is responsible for the process of heat transfer called convection

Eureka! Episode 28 - Heat as Energy

Heat is produced whenever there is movement and friction between two objects. Since movement is a form of energy, it follows that heat must also be a form of energy.

Eureka! Episode 29 - Radiation Waves 

Viewers learn that one of the chief ways in which heat energy moves is in the form of waves. This kind of heat transfer is called radiation.

Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

A Rap of Conduction, Convection, and Radiation done for a school project

What is the best insulation?

More info: http://MarshallBrain.com/science
In the video we try several different types of insulation, including paper towels, newspaper and aluminum foil to see which one keeps the heat in the best.