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12 rocket stove mass heaters 

efficient wood heat

Super efficient rocket mass heater

Wood stove vs. rocket mass heater

Small Rocket Stove, Step-By-Step

with cans, for cooking & space-heating


The "4 Block" Rocket Stove

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Easy DIY. Four concrete blocks is all it takes to make it!. Cost $5.16. video shows you how to put it together. the stove funnels all its heat up under the bottom of the pan. uses very little fuel. fueled by small sticks, twigs and leaves. cooks great. wind and rain resistant.   DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that any concrete product subjected to high temperatures may crack or explode.

The Dual Burner "6 Block" Rocket Stove

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How to build a better brick rocket stove

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A Heavy Duty DIY Rocket Stove

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In this video I layout a pretty simple process for building a rocket stove that will you a lifetime and uses a very small amount of fuel (wood, sticks, pinecones, etc) to cook your meals with. Be sure to follow me on Facebook at

Brick Box Rocket Stove

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Box Rocket Stove made of bricks.
With secondary air intake.
Compact mass heater and cook stove.

Portable Rocket Stove Pizza Oven

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Tour of Food Jammer Micah Donovan's oil drum pizza oven with docking, high-efficiency wood burning rocket stove, racing stripes and party potential for making pizzas anywhere on earth. Big Thanks to Revenant Records for the Salty Dog Four tune Ballin' the Jack and Oddfellows / Parts and Labour Matty Matheson and crew for the drum.

For Hot Water

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I built a water heater out of used parts and used a Stovetec Rocket stove to start the thermo siphoning process.

Hot Water, Food & Charcoal

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This is my take on Ed Revill style charcoal producing rocket stove.

Made from an old water heater tank in 400 mm (16 inch) diameter, rocket stove pipe is 150 mm (6 in), welded in L shape inside the water heater tank and outside heat shield is made from an old 200 L (55 gal) drum.

Produces approx 20 Litres of charcoal (ca 5 gallons) and burn time is about 2.5 hours.

Click here for part 2:

Rocket Stove Shower

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Cooking stoves for sale here:
Bristol Rocket Co. designs, manufactures and retails engaging products which enhance outdoor living and have low environmental impact.

TLUD Champion Gasifier Cookstove

YouTube Video

Paul S. Anderson; Designer
Simon P. Anderson; Animation/Drafting

There is a Facebook group here all about the science of rocket stoves with lots more resources, and where you can ask specific questions.

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