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Contraction & Convergence

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Contraction & Convergence is a response to the objective of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It is a rational, science-based global framework to share the removal of CO2 emissions globally at a rate where we solve the problem of climate change faster than we are creating it.

The Lean Economy


We are a Carbon-Based Life-Form

from "Back to Our Roots", article by John Todd

Humanity has always been carbon based.   The carbon that supported us through most of history was slow carbon embodied in trees, other plants, and animals. 

Since the Industrial Revolution we have shifted to using fast carbon in the form of oil and natural gas.  Fast carbon is mainly finite and nonrenewable. 

What if we used carbon as a universal currency? 
What if people around the world were paid to capture and sequester carbon, particularly in soils? 
What if enterprises that emit carbon into the atmosphere, including, for example, coal-fired power plants, had to pay for the right to pollute based upon every ton of carbon they emitted? 
A tectonic shift in the way the world conducts its business, from farming to aerospace, might ensue. Let’s continue the conversation. The stakes are too important not to.