This whole module is about economics, or rather about how to design a more  ecological (sustainable) version of it.

But it's interesting to look at some different definitions of the conventional one, + some original ways of thinking about Economics.


Punk Economics: Lesson 1

David McWilliams, Irish economist, gives us our first lesson in punk economics.

Punk Economics: Lesson 2

Irish economist David McWilliams explains the ECB's massive cash for trash scheme -- bailing out banks with your money.

Juliet Schor - Economics for the 99%

Occupy Permaculture

Bill Mollison explains the need to stop running away, to face the fact that we need to take control of the financial system.

"Hunger is rising, absolute hunger is rising, food's badly distributed, not distributed at all often. The waste of food, the whole deal of it....its eh, a shocking situation, it's just inhuman. It's what nobody would intend, and somehow what we've arrived at, and we arrived at it by the erection of financial structures, totally divorced from resources. So that the fiscal economy has been a runaway system. We've gotta tackle that head on. That is, what I'm trying to tell you, it's no good any longer just being an organic gardener or farmer, we have to be effective financial and political units. And we're gonna have to face that. Just as it was very hard for us to learn to garden, then hard for us to learn to collect seeds, once the multinationals took over the open-pollinated seed market; we had to become seed growers. Now its very difficult, we have to become bankers.There's no good trying to pretend we don't have to. We can run away to the bush, build a mud hut and grow ducks in the garden, it's not gonna do it. The coals will still be burnt, the land will still be eroded, and the forests will still be cleared for newsprint if we run away to the bush. So, there's no escape, we've just gotta stop running away, stay where we are and start to face up and fight." 1983 pdc bill mollison