Software for Community Currencies

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Community Exchange System 

CES is an internet-based, global CC network currently (June 2006) serving over 40 independent exchanges in 8 different countries. 

Users can trade directly and seamlessly with others in any exchange, without having to work through a second-teir network. 

CES software is not available for download at the moment as it is too complex, but this will change in the future as servers begin to distribute the load in different countries. Instead of having to deal with obscure code and provide their own servers, administrators prefer this solution as they can be part of national and global network within minutes. 

Each exchange has its own administrative interface with powerful tools for managing and running the exchange.

Project Website:

Tim Jenkin
info (at)

Community Forge

is an organization with this declared strategy:

Starting with a LETS architecture coded into the Drupal platform, CommunityForge aims to deliver its web solution as many LETS communities with transaction-enabled social networking web sites. With a membership base, it will seek to devolve power and skills while providing more and better tools to more local communities seeking to strengthen and build resilence.