The Permis Currency

What are Permis

Permis are the internal exchange currency of the Integral Permaculture Academy

With this currency we CELEBRATE cooperation and VALUE the work that we do amongst all of us towards the Mission of the Academy, which is to:

offer high quality training in permaculture design
o this end we have co-created (and continuously improve) a unique Integral Permaculture curriculum which covers all facets required for the transition to a sustainable society, & in particular we teach the underlying science in detail in order to empower people & communities to design effectively for themselves.

Permis are  a social currency
& we value 

1 Permi = 1 Euro
1 hour = between 3 to 10 Permis, depending on work

Any interested person can earn Permis by doing a variety of support work, administration or investigation that helps to improve the service of the Integral PermaCulture Academy.  For eg. editing this Manual, helping with outreach in Faceboo, improving the classes with additional tutorials, etc.

What they Finance

With Permis we have, for example, financed a great part of the co-creation of this Integral Permaculture Designers Manual, a collaborative project that we started in 2004 with fotocopies that we used to give to the students of the Academy's presencial courses and that in 2007 we started to upload in internet (in this old wiki, and only in spanish then) in order to save paper, and so we could expand them - since permaculture is something dynamic that evolves continuously.

Little by little the online Manual grew until it became the 5 Modules, or 55+ chapters, each of various (up to 30 sections or sub-themes) of multimedia materials for the outreach, investigation, learning and teaching of the most advanced in Permaculture science.

That is, a formidable resource available to anyone interested, all co-created by many people cooperating.   And this is just one example of what we have achieved with Permis.

<< digital Gaia ... very turquoise meme :)   

But there are many other projects to which we invite Academy students to participate, which are (apart from being very interesting and earn them Permis ... ) also count towards their designs (being collaborative & international projects to serve the permaculture community) and in fact the majority of our Diploma students self-finance their course in this way.

What you can Buy in Permis

All Academy students can pay up to 60% of the costs of their further courses (= upgrade options) - effectively in work-exchange, with this currency.

In this way we achieve that our courses be affordable by anyone, always conserving symmetry (justice) and the dignity of all the people involved in the exchange - both those who give of their time, experience & work in teaching with the Academy, and those who enjoy this support - providing support in turn to future students and all of the permaculture community.

This is one way that we CYCLE ENERGY 
creating more and more fertility for everyone!

How to Participate

You need to be a student with the Academy in order to start earning Permis, and you can start with the Free Course.

First study this page well in order to understand what it is about and how Permis work.

Then open this form & follow the 3 steps described there to create your own copy.

There you can log the Permis that you earn, and also spend.

that you can use if you have a question about how Permis work.   


There's a dialogue related to this page in the Integral Permaculture FB group (click icon to go there)

There's a dialogue in our FB group about how Permis work (click icon to go there)