Climate Change

The most urgent transition we need to ensure is that of reversing global warming, or lowering CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere ... or there will be precious else to transition.

350 Day! April 7

1988 – 25 years ago we emitted enough CO2 that our earth's atmosphere climbed above 350 parts per million CO2.

Five years ago, on April 7, Dr. James Hansen and others submitted the paper demonstrating that 350 is the limit. 

Today, farmers have designed their farms to rapidly photosynthesize and humify tons of CO2 per acre per year, thereby creating long term sinks for carbon that has been lingering in the atmosphere.

On April 7, let us recognize that we have been on the wrong side of 350 for too long, and commit to sinking even more massive amounts of carbon as rapidly as possible. It's up to all of us to do everything possible to reverse global warming. 


This comes up a lot in this e-book directly, see here
and of course the whole design book is about re-designing the crazy system that has caused the problem in the first place.

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