The Future of Farming?

A very important type of EcoBusiness that we'll see expanding in the future, as it supplies healthy food with minimal effort whilst sinking maximum CO2 and reversing soil erosion.

Out to Pasture: The Future of Farming?

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Out to Pasture contrasts industrial-style confined animal production with farms that raise food animals outdoors in diversified operations, striving to be sustainable. Several of these pasture-based farmers are profiled and they tell their own vibrant stories of bucking the trends in farming. They discuss how they got started in farming (three transitioned from confinement operations), what's important about their farming methods, how their conventional-farm neighbors view them, how to keep young people on the farm, the future of the food system, and other compelling topics. The film also features Robert Lawrence, director of CLF; and John Ikerd, a leading thinker on sustainable agriculture issues.

Ultra High Density Cattle Grazing at Beyond Organic 

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Most farmers suffer when there is a drought. The pastures produced by high density grazing is the answer. This is how Beyond Organic does it. Another point that makes their farm so unique. 
Learn more about Beyond Organic and their amazing products at this link

Intensive Rotational Grazing

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This is an excellent presentation about the technique of intensive rotational grazing. This video talks about how intensive rotational grazing works and the intent and the science behind it.

Also see the



which are very complementary to this one.

Can't make a Living with Small Farming

Designing our eco-business in a holistic, integral way includes learning from others' experience and doing all kinds of other prolonged observations before and whilst designing.