8. Planetarization

 BioRegionalism & the Planetarisation Phase

The Planetary Phase

This is a model showing a pattern that we can notice in western (or Taker) history:

If this model holds true, then we're in for a rough ride (happening) and we need to be asking ourselves what will 'Planetarization' look like?

Globalization or Planetarization

There's a third choice, which is total destruction, but we'll focus on the 2 designer options - which need to be designed by skilled designers, they can't happen on their own, so it's literally a question of "the best designers win".

Globalization is the design the Multinationals, of Patriarchy and Imperialism have been developing and implementing for several centuries now, for this next big step in our history.

It's a BRILLIANT design in terms of how it self-regulates, how it keeps on working in its huge complexity, and despite being crazy-making for the privileged and totally soul and body destroying for the most oppressed.  

So we'd do well to study this design, it's feedback loops, its mechanics and underlying patterns ... so that we can start to the parts that make is to effective.

And a good place to start is that they are very clear about their agenda.  

So here is a brief comparison 
of the Globalization agenda with the Planetarization agenda.

We propose that we have this choice:


Of the multinationals

a global village,

with macdonalds in every town,

english spoken everywhere,

cultural (anglosaxon) monoculture

directed by centralized power of the 1%

using debt-money as a centralizing & slave-driving system

thriving on the Horizontal Hostility virus infecting the Agents of Change

... that is currently winning


Of the people

a globe of villages,


culturally rich

and immensly varied

but connected by some kind of participatory democracy

using a variety of types of social money to share resources fairly 

and real, strong solidarity & cooperation

... that needs to happen if we are to survive