There are many proposed "re-designs" for capitalism, some of which are listed below, together with some interesting critiques.

Note these are not here because we consider them "good permaculture" but because they are all attempts at re-designing the dominant economic system on the planet at present, and it is important that we take active part in that dialogue, if we are to design anything at all of any consequence.

In Wikipedia we find that  "Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production are privately owned and operated for profit. "    So clearly any real re-design would very likely also imply a new definition ... as is often the case.

Natural Capitalism

"The next industrial revolution, like the previous ones, will be a response to changing patterns of scarcity. It will create upheaval, but more importantly, it will create opportunities.    Web: "

Natural capitalism is a new business model that enables companies to fully realize these opportunities. The journey to natural capitalism involves four major shifts in business practices, all vitally interlinked:
• Radically increase the productivity of natural resources.
• Shift to biologically inspired production models and materials.
• Move to a “service-and-flow” business model.
• Reinvest in natural capital.

See two pdf.s attached, below:  A synopsis of the book (NCsynopsis.pdf) & a Road Map (HBR-RMINatCap.pdf)

Transforming Capitalism

is an initiative by the Otto Scharmer Presencing Institute.  On this page you can find resources about his proposal on how to 'update' capitalism: "from version 2.0 to version 3.0:

He proposes "7 acupuncture points" for this transformation to take place: 
  • Nature
  • Labor
  • Capital
  • Technology
  • Leadership
  • Coordination
  • Citizen Awareness


Capitalism is the economic system that gave us the oil crisis, the SUV (Suburban Utility Vehicle) and the automatic washing machine. You may feel that mankind was better off without any of this, but remember, it also gave us the internet. You may feel that the internet is shit, but since it brought you this message, you'd better stop reading now unless your prepared to agree that capitalism is not all bad.


What is needed is a viable alternative to the capitalist economic system, or preferably a whole host of alternatives. People will put up with capitalism only as long as nothing better arrives. As the economic "crisis" bites, even that is in doubt.

Capitalism Kills. Kill Capitalism 

Resistance Report 009

Vídeo de YouTube

One of the most telling poll numbers of this current moment in time is 10%. That, according to a CNN poll taken before the government shutdown, registers the lowest approval rating ever for congress. As unpopular as Congress is, a recent poll from the Brookings Institution reveals that there is something that may soon be even more unpopular: Capitalism.

This week, the five stores covered in the Resistance Report are:
1. Poll: 42% Say Capitalism Is Not Working for U.S. 
2. The Racist Human Rights Disaster That is The Prison Industrial Complex (8:11)
3. Obamacare Explained (15:12)
4. Capitalism + Racism = Death (18:49)
5. The Death of Middle Class, and Why We Should Have Killed It Long Ago (25:54)

Sources: Congress Approval at 10%

Brookings Institute

Popular Resistance Newsletter

World Bank Whistleblower

New American Interview | Karen Hudes

poll 70%

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Stella Ne,
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