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Oh Dearism

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by Adam Curtis, a great meme-spotter who is particularly interested in how power is used and mis-used, how we're manipulated by the news and by how history is told and re-told.

Vídeo de YouTube


A great little-great meme spun by the people at The Daily Love

We at The Daily Love refer to the Universe as The Uni-verse. 

Why is this? We like to point out the obvious beauty in this simple word. 

Uni = one. Verse = song. 

Together, in all our own unique ways, we are all participating in One Song. We believe that underlying and orchestrating this One Song is a creative and benevolent Presence that has our best interest in mind. 

We use the word Uni-verse to highlight our similarities and as an attempt to reference this Presence without any dogma, stigma or other associations.

We wish to point out what we lovely and amazing human beings have in common, rather than highlight any differences. 

We feel that the word Uni-verse is our little part to help create a new vocabulary that unites instead of divides our many diverse cultures, traditions and faiths.


Counterfactual: a more acceptable word for what has for a long time been a very common feature of science fiction, the 'alternate world' or 'worlds of if story (there was a pulp SF magazine in the 1950s called Worlds of If, in fact).

'Counterfactual' is now used when said stories are written by real writers & historians, to save them the indignity of sharing a genre with all those strance sci-fi people.

Sometimes the fictional portrayals are intended to paint a humorous gloss on the society of the period.  The Flintstones put just such a gloss on human prehistory, so much so that in order to think rationally about our evolution we must excise all those image, which is probably an impossible task.

Sherlock Holmes & Mr Polly were Victorian in just the same sense that the tyrannosaur and triceratops in Jurassic Park were dinosaurs.


Our pictures of the past are a mixture of real historical figures & scenarios peopled by fictional entities, & it's difficult to keep them apart, especially as fiilms and TV series acquire better technologies to latch into those spurious pictures in our heads.