Margrit Kennedy

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Margrit Kennedy is a Permaculture Pioneer in Europe

You can dowload her Pioneer Interview in English here > MargritPPPen.doc


This is the book she refers to in her interview, a brilliant introduction to the subject:

Margrit Kennedy: Interest and Inflation Free Money

(Published by Seva International; ISBN 0-9643025-0-0;
Copyright 1995 by Margrit Kennedy)

You can download the book on Dr Kennedy's site, here

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It takes some audacity for a non-economist to write a book about economics, especially if the book deals with one of the basic yardsticks of the profession, i.e., money.

Money is the measure in which most economic concepts are expressed. Economists use it as merchants use kilograms and architects use metres. They seldom question the way it works and why in contrast to the meters and kilograms it is not a constant measure but varies, now, almost daily.

This book takes a look at how money works. It exposes the reason for the constant change in one of our most important measures. It explains why money not only "makes the world go round" but also wrecks the world in the process.

The huge debt accumulated by Third World countries, unemployment, environmental degradation, the arms build-up and proliferation of nuclear power plants, are related to a mechanism which keeps money in circulation: interest and compound interest. This, according to economic historian John L. King, is the "invisible wrecking machine" in all so-called free-market economies.


INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIAL CHANGE seems to happen for three basically different reasons:

(1) because a breakdown due to a particular pattern of behavior has occurred, i.e., in order to avoid another occurrence;

(2) because a breakdown due to a particular pattern of behavior may occur, i.e., in order to avoid the break-down;

(3) Because another pattern of behaviour seems more adequate in order to achieve the desired result.   

The change in the monetary system proposed in the last chapter may happen for any one, any combination, or all of the above reasons.

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