GDP & GNH Indicators

'Indicators' point to what we value, or what we notice or measure, & they are essential design criteria in everything we do, whether we are conscious of them or not.

So designing intelligent, conscious indicators that drive a system toward sustainability is a primary design skill we need to develop.

Going beyond GDP

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Does money buy happiness? Can wellbeing be measured? Does growth equal progress? These may sound like esoteric questions, but they are at the heart of efforts to move beyond GDP to develop more accurate ways of measuring human development. Shot in Canada and Europe, this clip shows how rampant growth can lead to ruin, how disasters can be good for the economy and how rising GDP doesn't benefit everyone.

What is "Gross National Happiness"?

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Economic Indicators For Dummies

the conventional (or old system) ones

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How do we measure Sustainable Development?

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This video examines the principles of sustainability indicators. It provides an overview of several different approaches to measuring sustainability.  It is a very limited view in terms of the nuclear fuel example, but excellent in giving Donella Meadow's indicator types.