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a project of NodoEspiral
of the PermaCulture Academy

César Fernández
(Galicia, España)

                    Andrés González
                (Asturias España)

María José Rodríguez
               (Andalucía, España)    

              Adriana Pérez Pesce

               (Madrid, España)

Stefania Strega-Scoz         
            (Islas Canarias, España)


José Lorenzo 
           (Islas Canarias, España)  

   Pau Arasa
               (Aragón, España)

Some she/his.tory

The Spanish version of the Integral PermaCulture e-Book started being compiled in 2007 thanks to the participation of various groups of students of Permaculture courses, facilitators & specialists in different areas.

At the beginning of 2011, with the launch of the PDC+, a larger group of permaculture designers started to actively participate in the co-creation of this online & free Integral PermaCulture Designer Manual (which we cal e-book for short)

Some of the people who are part of the elaboration of these pages are pictured here (in no particular order).



You can see the general framework (5 modules of 10 chapters each) and more about the curriculum design in the Integral PermaCulture Curriculum page.

We chose the easiest collectively editable website we could find (GoogleSites - see users manual here) in order to enable as many people as possible to directly participate in this compilation work, without technical restrictions.

We use Skype to keep in touch and inform each other of our edits and ideas.

If you find this e-Book useful & you want to help, you can: 
  1. become a member of the editing team! Read this page carefully, explore the rest, then write to us at 
    hola@permaculturescience.org or skype "StefaniaStrega".   NOTE that you can earn Permis with this & then exchange them for courses with the Integral Permaculture Academy
  2. share it exchanging links wherever it would be most useful 
  3. donating or suggesting materials which you think should be included in here
  4. sending donations - by Paypal to hola@ecoinversion.net or via bank transference. The donations will be used to improve this e-book & also to give grants to the activists who will most benefit from a place on the PDC+++, in order to move their communities towards sustainability.


El pesimista se queja del viento; 
el optimista espera que cambie; 
el realista ajusta las velas. 

The pessimist complains about the wind;
the optimist hopes it will change;
the realist adjusts the sails.

William George Ward

We invite co-designers!

This is a cooperative, collaborative international project which acknowledges that t
he New Story requires us to think very differently.

So we are looking for people who understand how individualism works (and mostly doesn't work) but are more interested in exploring and learning about cooperativism.  (We're not perfect at it and won't expect you to be either :) 

We are ushering OUT the Era of the Ego: 
the individualistic, agricultural, industrial, colonialist era of one branch of humanity which has come to dominate and create far too much destruction, now destroying itself together with 200 species per day,

and we are learning how to prepare and design for the Era of the Eco
creating community and communion, weaving fertile, harmonious connections between humans and also between us and all other species that inhabit this beautiful Planet.   

To do that we must, urgently, enable the restoration of vital ecosystems our civilization has destroyed, and also radically transform the mentality & culture that has caused all that destruction. 

There are many groups and many individuals who have done - and are doing - great work that we all need to know about, integrate and understand as part of this learning.  So we can use it to re-design our world anew, together.  We aim to facilitate that process.

There is much un-learning we also need to do and there is also a lot of mis-information and models that actually support the Old Story, even as - some - look inviting and interesting to us.  This can create a big confusion that can paralyze us for years, or decades.  

So we also aim to facilitate the de-compression, de-confusion process.

Here we are co-creating  
a free multimedia online resource for re-designing a just & sustainable society, 
from the bottom-up. 
This is the first time that the internal & external, as well as individual & collective dimensions are integrated in a solidly practice-basedtruly holistic & systemic science-art. 

Permaculture provides a unique design framework with clear ethics and a great base in practical ecology but lacks the more in-depth political awareness and the models for the internal & collective dimensions that other very complementary thinkers and movements have developed.

So we put all this together as 
Integral Permaculture

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