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English - here you can download audios to take interesting permaculture conversations with you wherever you go.  Compiling ...

Español - aquí iremos compilando recursos audio permaculturales interesantes que puedes bajarte y llevarte por dónde sea.   Pronto ...

Audios en Español

(listening to another language repeatedly, 
especially some topic you are interested in,
- whether you understand it at first or not - 
is a great way of learning another language)

There is an additional
private & more personalized 
vast audio library resource 
available for people on our Diploma pathway
(starting from Option E)

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Audios in English


Every Sunday at 8:00 pm PST, writer Derrick Jensen hosts a radio program called Resistance Radio on the Progressive Radio Network, in which he interviews activists “working toward the revolution in values we so desperately need if we are to stop this culture from killing the planet”. An archive of these interviews is given here.

Comment by JM: "Thanks so much for resistance radio. I'm running out of books to read and the bombardment of this culture needs a constant rebuttal. Fantastic voices each week; it's one of the things that keeps me fighting these insanely uphill battles. Not for a false hope, but a truth that's always been there. Life wants to live, we can facilitate a fighting chance"

explores different approaches to personal, relational and societal transformation. Levevei is a Scandinavian word that translates as “livelihood” or “vocation”, but it could also have the connotation of “way of life”.

New Dimensions Radio & Media http://www.newdimensions.org
produces the longest-running and most successful independently produced interview program in the history of public radio.  We feature leading-edge thinkers, scientists, artists, healers, ecologists, spiritual leaders, and social architects in award winning, deep dialogues.  We have over a thousand MP3 programs that you can purchase and download.


podcasts about permaculture, interviews, etc.

Sustainable World Radio brings you interviews, news and commentary about ecology, Permaculture, organic gardening, sustainability, natural building, regenerative farming and ethnobotany.  Since 2004, Sustainable World has interviewed experts from around the globe; teachers, designers, environmentalists and earth activists who learn from and work with Nature.


The Unwelcome Guests Collective 

have an interesting & radical podcast series.

A portal of educational media

audio lectures, audio interviews, panel discussions

Why Shamanism Now

Podcasts on the science of shamanism 
- possibly the most ancient of practical sciences -

by Christina Pratt & guests


Interviews about modern spirituality 
from an Integral perspective