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EcoEconomy Course

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Launching a pioneering EcoEconomy course, an innovative training & support programme for EcoInvestment Networks and Activists, working at any level & scale.

Whether you're already changing the economy in small or larger ways, or just beginning to see the wider picture & have no idea how to contribute, want to launch or perfect your own eco-business or help change the local economy with complementary currencies ... we've created a space to support you to grow as an EcoEconomist.  We need ALL conscious citizens to become EcoEconomists now, join us!

Free Conferences as an introduction

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Short Presentation of the Course 

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Why this Course

Many people are now embarking on the very important job of designing an alternative economic system that can take over from the currently collapsing one, in big or very small ways.  

There are many of us, working on many branches of this same forest.   All kinds of work need doing & all are very important, as we need new types of sustainable businesses, new kinds of banks, new kinds of money, to make  community currencies much more effective, we need better local connections of all kinds, to educate everyone on how the current economy works to destroy ecosystems & create more & more wars. 

What we aim to provide these new brave pioneers are these five elements - what we think we all need, if we are taking some action in transiting our lives, families or communities to a more sustainable society: 

A Support Group of Colleagues
People you can get to know in depth, support / mentor & be mentored / supported by who are doing similar or complementary projects in EcoEconomics, with lots of tools to help groups work well.

Lots of High Quality Information
Easy access to the most up-to date & important information on designing EcoEconomies, directly from experienced practitioners, presented in a well-structured way & on demand (all levels catered for).

An Ecological, Holistic Perspective
Replacing the Ego-Economy with an Eco-Economy requires a re-framing into a basic understanding of how the Earth works  & what natural cycles govern the economies of eco-systems: the most sustainable economies we know of.

A Systemic & Integral Approach
Designing really new systems especially requires changing the WAY we think.  So we have set up an action-learning system (based on  following each others' designs & practice, not just classes), with lots of tools, in order to facilitate this change of mind.

With Business Mentoring Included

Being with & being mentored by experienced entrepreneurs is essential in absorbing the mind-set & practical wisdom of innovators.   We will support you to design your own economy well, at every level, whilst changing the economy for everyone.

The 5 month incubator experience provides all this & more through 

online teaching & mentoring 

with practicals in the real world,

developing your own designs

What it Is

This aims to be the most complete short EcoEconomy course / incubator / support group available for activists, social entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to help make the changes we need in the world today, to turn around the destructive economics model that we've inherited (and which will clearly not be changed by the people or institutions still profiting from it).

Check out the developing curriculum 
with supporting materials here:   http://bit.ly/EcoEconomy

When we say "EcoEconomy" we mean everything that's needed to redesign the present economy towards a sustainable model:  including how to create one's own (ethical) employment, how to design complementary currencies, use new economic indicators and resource flows, of strengthening networks and inventing new cultural stories to guide the society of the future in a rational direction, at all levels.
For the first time we are also making available this expanded last module (of five) of the Integral Permaculture Design Certificate run by Nodo Espiral of the PermaCulture Academy, offering it as a 5 month long course (the whole 5 modules constitute an even more complete EcoEconomy Course, but this last module is a great introduction).
Permaculture is a sustainable design science with 50+ years of history and practice that studies and experiments with joining design knowledge with the arts and sciences, with the single goal of creating just and peaceful human societies.
Nodo Espiral has been taking Permaculture to a new level over the past 10 years, deepening and developing the dimensions of People Care, Design Techniques and EcoEconomy, adding these to the more well-known dimensions of permaculture which are Earth Care and EcoTechnology.


When it Runs

Coming up in 2014, 

The full Program of Classes

(click on titles to see notes in the e-book):


How it Works

You will join an intensive & very supportive 'eco-business incubator' experiencewhere we will learn all the basic essentials in a wide range of topics important for designing healthier economies, but mainly we will be mentoring the design process in your real-life projects.

These are the main structural components of the course:
  • Two live multimedia lectures each month, delivered by experts in the field, on the 10 topics listed in the curriculum
  • Live workshop sessions on request (by skype or conferencing)
  • Ongoing personalized mentoring on your projects (through a flexible online design portfolio system we'll provide & teach you to use, and which you get to keep after the course)
  • Immersion in an action learning environment and exchange of ideas with other students who are EcoEconomics activists in different parts of the world. 

There will also be some surprises!

We'll propose some very interesting EcoEconomics designs that you can participate in, as practical group exercises.  All voluntary participation, so don't worry if you don't have a practical project to work on yet, or if you have quite enough to work on with your own.

Who ...

Who is it for

This course, support group & incubator experience is designed to be flexible & to adapt as much as possible to your personal needs, so it is open to a variety of interest, levels of previous knowledge & experience & directions that you want to take, in any part of the emerging sustainable economics spectrum.

So you could be someone just waking up to the realization that the economy is changing & want to better understand the reasons & futures of the change, and what you can do & support in order to ride the changes as well as possible.    

You might be realizing that, without our conscious consent, we're all participating in an economy that is actively destroying human lives & entire ecosystems - and want to understand how this works a lot better & have some time to think, in a supportive environment, of what you can do to change this.

You may be one of the thousands of people who have lost their job or are in a precarious financial situation & find it difficult to think how they can better support themselves & their families, especially if the ideals & ethics of justice & sustainability are important to you.  We can help you think of possible self-employment options & to start to design the strategies for implementing the best ideas, or perfecting existing ones.

You might be someone already engaged in changing your local  economy from time, & for example running, helping to run or thinking of starting a transition group or project, local currency, community bank or solidarity economy network.  Whatever level of experience of this you have, we can help you get to the next level quicker, and hopefully also help you avoid some common pitfalls.

Who We Are

The Mentors & Tutors facilitating this course & support group are all  experienced practitioners & activists in the various facets of EcoEconomy work, bringing a great joint wealth of grassroots community work in experience as well as a breadth & depth of knowledge to the team.

You can click on their respective picture to see full biography in the EcoNova Conference profiles page, where you can also access their free conference talk.   The wisdom & experience of all 12 of the tutors (& more) are included in the course, and at least half of these tutors will be available personally when you do your course, but which ones will depend on their availability throughout the year. 

Price & Enrollment

461€ all-inclusive: for 10 multi-media classes, your personal online design portfolio (& coaching in using it), live tutorials and ongoing consultancy, coaching & mentoring on your personal projects, for 5 months.
Note that up to 60% can be paid in Permis, our permaculture network complementary currency.  

If you enroll one/two months before starting the classes, paying the minimum of 184€, we will show you how you can help us with the course preparations (mostly course admin & preparing the e-book) & with this work you can earn Permis, which you can then trade for the rest of the course - to the extent that you earn them.

To enroll, you can follow instructions in the Enrollment page.   
Please remember twrite saying you are enrolling on the EcoEconomy Course.

This course is also offered - at the same time - in spanish, see


We'll be sending news about this course soon to people on our mailing list
for occasional news &
invitations to free conferences

This pioneering course provides a radically different view of economics than all mainstream to date, & also to courses on alternative or 'green' economics to date, especially in methodology & range of vision.

Feminist Economics is included in this course - an often ignored very early pre-decessor of much current 'alternative economics', which is however often diluted of it's most radical messages & models.



In this truly integral course, we will  also provide space & encouragement to explore the historical, ethical, sacred & spiritual aspects of economics, also.



The course will be completely bilingual > English - Spanish, so all students will be invited to participate in both if they wish to practice languages.


We will also explore the question of How can we design our personal transition from living enslaved to an exploitative economy... to be part of the change, creating dignified work which allows us to support our families in an ethical & truly productive way, whilst we enjoy serving the world with our unique talents?


The very limited view of conventional economics is represented by the thin red line half-way up this triangular diagram.  

The whole-picture view is a lot more interesting & useful in the long-term, and what we will be exploring during the whole course. 

It is essential that we have a good understanding of the most basic & vital economies or markets of the Planet: the cycles & networks of exchange of Nature, that current ignorance & economics is destroying, & without which there is no Life on Earth.
We very much embedd all EcoEconomics design models on this proto-economics base. .

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